Karnataka state government has capped the prices of Covid-19 tests to encourage more people to get checked for the virus. The RT-PCR tests for Covid-19 in Karnataka’s private labs are cheaper than the price charged in other major tests. Currently, RT-PCR tests in the state cost Rs 1,600 in the state. The government is likely to further lower the price in the future.

Kerala being the highest to charge for Covid-19 tests at Rs 2.750, following are Delhi at 2,400. Other states such as West Bengal charges Rs 2,250, Telangana charges Rs 2,200, and Andhra Pradesh Rs 1,900. In Maharashtra, the price varies from Rs 1,200 to Rs 2000 as it depends on the place from where the samples were collected.

Since the central government has not fixed a cap on the RT-PCR tests, the rates vary across the country. The price drop in the cost of reagents used in RT-PCR kits has come simultaneously after the cost of the kits coming from Germany, the US, and France has become cheaper.


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