Bengaluru Drugs Racket- Watch out

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Bengaluru Drugs Racket has deep roots in Bengaluru. This includes IPS officers, politicians, and their children, actors, cricketers, models. The Internal Security Division (ISD), which collects intelligence for anti-national activities, is also involved in the busting of drugs racket in Bangalore.

Former Bangalore Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao, who is heading the Internal Security Division, said an actor and a cricketer have been questioned on Monday. Many people have also been given notice, including some leaders. The division started an investigation into the drugs racket on September 12 after the case was registered under the NDPS Act.

After ISD revealed revelations in questioning drug seller, Former cricketer N.C Ayyappa, actor Luce Mada aka Yogesh questioned. The office in Shantinagar was the place where they were questioned for two hours. So far, 8 FIRs have been registered in the drug racket case. The investigating team has a list of people including the film industry, bureaucrats, businessmen, sons of leaders.

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) also has video footage of a party showing IPS officers, leaders, and their sons. Vicky Malhotra is a well-known name among the parties in the city, who might be questioned soon. The source said that during the phone and chat for drugs, the chocolate code word was used.

According to the source, Vicky hosted a party, in which he was seen with the female models, the son of a Bengaluru MLA, and her girlfriend living in London. IPS officers and MLAs were also present at the party. His party also includes film producers, builders, and businessman. A list of all the people is being prepared. Along with this, a hacker named Sri Krishna is also on the lookout.