It’s about time we get a reality check on them ‘reality TV shows!

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Recently, Ellen DeGeneres spoke about work toxicity allegations charged on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ within the new season’s premiere episode. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres came into being the premiere of the 18th season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show by addressing the workplace toxicity allegations in an exceedingly lengthy monologue.

More so, Ellen DeGeneres mentioned that she realizes that her’ position of privilege and power’ comes with great responsibility, and therefore the host took responsibility for whatever happened on her show. ‘I wouldn’t fool you for 17 years’: Ellen  Addressing the difficulty in her speech, Ellen DeGeneres revealed that rather like everyone else, she gets ‘mad, anxious, frustrated, impatient.’

Adding to the identical, Ellen confessed that she is functioning on all of it. More so, Ellen also revealed that she wouldn’t have ‘fooled’ her audience for seventeen years and mentioned that they’re now ‘staring a replacement.