89th birth anniversary of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

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The 89th celebration of the birth of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who’s the 11th President of India with recognition and influential in India’s progress in missile as well as nuclear technologies, will be observed on 15th day of October 2020. Films Unit is showing respect to Bharat Ratna awardee Abdul Kalam Ji by broadcasting People’s President (which is 52 min./English/16) towards its website as well as YouTube page. The documentary, conducted by Pankaj Vyas, focuses on his life and career, including Dr Kalam’s crucial role in the development of the Indian aerospace science department.

Seeing the biopic, audiences will witness Dr Kalam’s deep spirit of nationhood and rational temper, yet at the same time empowering generations of beauty, intelligence and knowledge. The documentary would be uploaded to https:/filmsdivision.org/Documentary of the Week and https:/www.youtube.com/user/FilmsDivision for 24 hrs on 15th day of October 2020.


Dr Kalam is a real educational theorist and revolutionary who stands for the convergence of ancient and contemporary educational values for the advancement of a healthy Indian community. As a leading scientist with international renown, his major donation to the advancement with research and technology is exceptional and admirable. His scientific, academic papers, articles, books, etc. have opened up new areas for research and study in the fields of aeronautics, ballistics and metallurgy.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, a brilliant physicist, president of the people, and a remarkable trainer, has been the guiding force behind most of India’s cutting-edge innovations.

Including satellites to regional healthcare, his efforts will still be worth remembering when we talk about scientific and technological in India.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]