Cryptojacking- An Increasing Threat to Cryptocurrencies

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Cryptojacking is the illegal use of somebody else’s cryptocurrency machine to mine. Hackers do it either by having the victim to click on a malicious connexion in an email that installs a crypto code on a computer or by infecting a webpage or an online advertisement with a JavaScript code that auto-executes the victim’s browser.

Anyway, the crypto code operates in the background while unsuspecting victims typically use their devices. The only symptom they might note is sluggish production or a delay in execution.

The Operation of Crypto Jacking

Hackers have two key avenues to get a victim’s computer to illegally use my cryptocurrency. One is to trick victims into loading crypto code into their machines. This is achieved by phishing-like tactics: victims are sent a legitimate-looking email that invites them to click on a connexion. The connexion runs a code that positions the crypto script on your machine. The script then runs as the victim works in the background.

The other approach is to insert a script to a page or an ad that is made accessible to several websites. Once the victims visit the website or the infected ad appears in their browsers, the script will immediately run. No malware is stored on the victim’s computers. Whatever tool is used, the malware runs complicated mathematical problems on victims’ computers and sends the results to the server that the hacker manages.

Some crypto scripts feature worming controls that help them to infiltrate other computers and servers on the network. It also makes it difficult for them to find and remove; keeping longevity on the network is in the best financial interest of the cryptojacker.

To improve their ability to propagate across the network, crypto code may have several versions for various architectures on the network.

Scripts can also search to see if the system is already compromised by competing for crypto-malware. If another crypto miner is found, it will be disabled by the script. A crypto miner may also have a killing avoidance system that runs every few minutes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]