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Scientists and the mega-accomplished agree: Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. When considering the material things that go into good slumber, there are the technical (a great mattress and set of sheets, for instance), but the pretty too. Below, every piece you’ll want to wear, touch, and have on-hand for a solid eight hours.



A pretty matched set makes sleep feel like an event (and natural fibers like silk help keep you cool, and sleeping, all night long).

SHOP NOW: Olivia von Halle Millicent Silk Pajama Set, $520;


Sleep Mask

The quickest way to be roused: light. Stay cocooned in the dark even if you can’t control the intrusion of outside beams.

SHOP NOW: Parker Thatch Eye Mask, $48;



Once you make your bed with high-quality sheets, you’ll never go back. Today’s direct-to-consumer model is lowering prices too (a dream come true indeed).

SHOP NOW: Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set, $149;


Pillow Spray

Drift off to sleep with the help of aromatherapeutic oils blended to promote quality snoozing.

SHOP NOW: Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, $29;



Your mattress is the foundation of all good sleep. If you haven’t upgraded recently, consider one of the industry’s buzzy new players (like Casper’s brand-new Wave).

SHOP NOW: Casper Wave, starting at $1,000;

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