Students from across the country are moving towards the baking business

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Jannani Mohan, a Psychology student at Madras School of Social Work, started selling cupcakes in July 2018. When asked about how she balances studies and business, she told her not to take orders during exams.

Another student, Berine Vinola Simon, from SIES College of Arts and Science in Mumbai bakes cakes after her college gets over at 1 pm. Currently, she delivers 10 cakes a month, joining other students who are using baking to earn a side-income.

13-year-old Rasmika Rangarajan from Chennai takes references for recipes from various sources and then creates her own – continually experimenting with making a perfect recipe.

A game of numbers

However, their hurdles are not just confined to get time to cook. Vinola says once she got an order for a 2-kg cake, but her microwave could only bake one 1-kg cake at a time. So, she had to bake two separate cakes one by one and then attach them together.

Vinola makes a profit of 25% per month while Rasmika manages to make around 20-30% profit after delivering 30 to 40 orders. While Vinola delivers the cakes herself, Jannani takes help from delivery apps such as Dunzo and Task Hopper.


Rasmika’s Ferrero Rocher cake is the most frequently bought by customers. It has a moist eggless chocolate sponge with hazelnut filling. She puts Ferrero Rocher chocolates on the top.

Jannani’s best-selling is her double chocolate cupcakes and fudgy brownies.