What is the cost of rebranding India to Bharat?

The recent G20 Summit held in New Delhi brought attention to a notable change: the plaque in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi read ‘Bharat,’ not ‘India.’ This change ignited widespread debates and discussions, both in the media and on social media…


G20 Summit: A Surprising Consensus

The recently concluded G20 summit held in New Delhi exceeded expectations by reaching a consensus on a joint declaration by world leaders. However, this consensus did not come without compromises, particularly concerning the Ukraine conflict and climate change. In the weeks leading…


How NGOs Are Transforming Society at Ground Level?

Inclusivity is paramount in today’s diverse world, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are the driving force behind this transformation. Here’s a glimpse into how NGOs are reshaping society at the grassroots level. NGOs: The Inclusion Catalysts NGOs bridge the gap between governments and…


Floods in India 2023: What is the impact?

India grapples annually with the twin challenges of floods and droughts, both driven by the monsoon season. Despite contributing 75% of annual rainfall, the monsoon remains erratic and unpredictable. As the 2023 monsoon progresses, floods are once again causing destruction. The staggering…

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