Can AI Predict Death? Life2vec says yes!

In the realm of artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking model named Life2vec emerges, claiming a remarkable ability to predict an individual’s time of death with unprecedented accuracy. Trained on a comprehensive dataset spanning 12 years and encompassing 6 million Danish citizens, Life2vec outshines…


India 2023: Triumphs & Trends Powered by Google

In the year 2023, India witnessed a myriad of significant moments and trends, as revealed by Google’s Year in Search report. The nation’s collective curiosity and interests unfolded across various domains, which is summarized in this blog. National Pride Moments A historic…


Press Freedom Under Threat in India: NewsClick Raids

The unprecedented raids conducted at the homes of NewsClick employees, which included journalists, staff members, former employees, and contributors, on October 3, have raised profound concerns about the state of press freedom in India. The investigative operations, launched by the Delhi Police…


What is Hamas?

In a shocking turn of events, Hamas, led by Mohammad Deif, launched the ‘al-Aqsa Flood’ operation, firing over 5,000 rockets at Israel, marking a devastating attack. A Historic Escalation The conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated to its most severe level…

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