INDIA Alliance Announces Boycott of News Anchors

In a significant development, the Congress party of the INDIA Alliance has declared a boycott of 14 news anchors, stating that their shows and programs will be avoided by the leaders of the united Opposition. The decision comes as a response to…

Deadly Dam Collapses putting the entire city in jeopardy!

In Northeastern Libya, two dams collapsed due to heavy rainfall, causing further devastation in already flooded regions. Libya’s eastern government reported a death toll of at least 5,300 people, with approximately 10,000 individuals still missing. Here’s everything we know about it, right…


What is Supreme Court saying about the 370 appeals?

Supreme Court hearing on Article 370 challenges debates about the permanence of temporary provisions. Central govt defends citing progress in Jammu and Kashmir. Historical Context of Article 370 Article 370 granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir, providing it with a separate…