COP28 Dubai Climate Summit: Key Highlights and Controversies

The recently concluded COP28 climate summit in Dubai brought together world leaders, climate experts, and activists to address pressing environmental concerns. The two-week conference witnessed significant debates, agreements, and controversies, with a particular focus on fossil fuels, a climate disaster fund, progress…

Israel-Hamas Conflict 10 Key Updates

The Israel-Hamas conflict has escalated, with dire consequences for both sides. The situation is grim, with the United Nations expressing concern over the potential for a catastrophic outcome. Israeli Military Masses Tanks and Orders Gaza City Evacuation Israeli military forces have assembled…


Gaza Strip: Life Amidst Conflict

With the recent Israel-Hamas War, one thing that has remained constant amidst every political upheaval is the Gaza Strip.  Geographical Constraints: Gaza, home to 2 million people, is a narrow enclave bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Israel, and Egypt. Recent escalations have…


What is Hamas?

In a shocking turn of events, Hamas, led by Mohammad Deif, launched the ‘al-Aqsa Flood’ operation, firing over 5,000 rockets at Israel, marking a devastating attack. A Historic Escalation The conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated to its most severe level…

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