India congratulates Taiwan on National Day, receives censorship notice from China

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Ahead of Taiwan’s National Day on Saturday, October 10 the Indian newspaper featured advertisements by Taiwan’s government carrying a photograph of President Tsai Ing-wen to mark the auspicious day. The advertisements also hailed India, a fellow democracy, and a natural partner of Taiwan. However, the Indian media received a backlash from China for addressing Chinese-claimed Island, Taiwan as a “country”.

The Chinese embassy of India sent an email on Wednesday to express its displeasure against the journalists of India. The embassy also asked the Indian media houses to avoid violating the ‘One China’ rule and not refer to Taiwan as a ‘country’ or ‘Republic of China’ or even call the leader of China’s Taiwan region a ‘President’ to avoid sending the wrong signal to the general public.

Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s foreign minister accused China of imposing censorship on Indian newspapers and replied “Get lost” in a tweet against Beijing’s advice.