Congress Chief’s Battle Cry: Maharashtra’s Political Chessboard – Checkmate Shinde, Enforce President’s Rule!

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Eknath Shinde’s government-led administration was called to a standstill while Maharashtra congress chief Nana Potale asked for the president to step in and announce her rule in the state home to the city of dreams. Potale claimed that the ruling parties aka Bhartiya Janata Party, Shive Shena, and the Ajit Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party busy fighting over portfolios and ministerial berths. He further added that farmers are dying by suicide every day due to a lack of help from the government on account of unseasonal rains and never-ending inflation.

No response from the government towards compensating the farmers for crop damage

The unseasonal rains have caused havoc not only in the country, Maharashtra not being an exception. While Yamuna River’s water level is increasing daily in the northern plains, farming lands are flooding in the state. What began as a first shower of rain in March has now become an uncontrollable natural catastrophe due to hailstorms and non-stop downpours.  The Maharashtra Chief Minister Shine has visited the affected and damaged areas in the districts on different occasions and has assured compensation for the losses incurred by the farmers.

Farmers are awaiting their crop damage compensation but reports are that the government still needs to begin to conduct the surveys to assess the damage incurred by the farmers. Although during this time of the year, the farmers are busy paying off their debts by selling their produce to the markets and also preparing for the next harvest cycle that begins with the monsoon.

Chief Patole requested enforcement of the President’s rule

Patole claims that the farmers have not been receiving any assistance from the government despite the surge in the water level across the state on the plain lands. Although, last month the government released a fund of 177 crores as compensation for the crop damage to the farmers. The Congress leader further adds that looking at the current scenario it is for the state’s betterment that the President’s rule is imposed in Maharashtra and the dismissal of the current state government.