India’s Powerful Role at G7 Summit 2024: Crucial Highlights

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Image Credit: The Indian Express

India’s Prominent Presence at the G7 Summit

The G7 Summit 2024, held in Italy, marks a significant platform for India to underscore its expanding global influence and strategic priorities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the summit, engaging with leaders from the world’s most powerful democracies to discuss pressing global issues and India’s role in addressing them.

Key Agenda for India at the G7 Summit

At the summit, India’s agenda was robust and multifaceted, focusing on critical areas such as:

  1. Global South Development: PM Modi emphasized the importance of the Global South and highlighted India’s commitment to development goals and sustainable growth​ .
  2. Indo-Pacific Security: Discussions included economic and maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region, countering China’s influence and ensuring free and open sea routes​ ​.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI): India underscored the potential of AI in development, pushing for ethical standards and cooperative frameworks for AI governance​ .
  4. Geopolitical Issues: PM Modi engaged in dialogue about the Russia-Ukraine conflict, advocating for peace and stability while maintaining India’s balanced stance on global conflicts​ ​.

Strategic Bilateral Meetings

During the summit, PM Modi had several strategic bilateral meetings, including discussions with US President Joe Biden, focusing on enhancing defense and technological cooperation. The summit also provided an opportunity to bolster ties with other G7 and guest countries, fostering collaboration on global challenges​ ​.

India’s Role in Global Governance

India’s participation in the G7 summit highlights its growing importance in global governance. By addressing issues like climate change, economic security, and technological advancements, India is positioning itself as a key player in shaping international policies. The summit also served as a follow-up to India’s presidency of the G20, where it played a pivotal role in building global consensus on various contentious issues​ .


India’s involvement in the G7 Summit 2024 reinforces its status as a crucial global actor. Through strategic dialogues and a forward-looking agenda, India continues to contribute significantly to global peace, security, and development. As the world navigates complex geopolitical and economic landscapes, India’s proactive engagement at the G7 exemplifies its commitment to addressing global challenges collaboratively.