Vande Bharat Sleeper Train: A Game Changer in Indian Railways

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Image Source: The Times Of India

The Vande Bharat sleeper train, set to launch in 2024, is a significant milestone for Indian Railways, poised to redefine long-distance overnight travel across the country’s major rail routes.

Commencement of Production

Production of the first Vande Bharat sleeper prototype commenced in late October at BEML Limited’s Bangalore complex in collaboration with Indian Railways’ coach factory ICF.

Speed and Performance

The Vande Bharat sleeper train is designed for speeds of up to 160 kmph, offering faster acceleration and deceleration, ultimately reducing travel time considerably.

Berth Configuration

With a total of 16 coaches, the Vande Bharat sleeper train includes 11 AC 3-tier coaches, 4 AC 2-tier coaches, and 1 AC 1st class coach, providing 823 berths for passengers.

Interior Elegance

The interior of the Vande Bharat sleeper train is planned to have a “wow” factor, inspired by luxury trains abroad. It promises to deliver “best-in-class interiors” with modern amenities and noise insulation.

Passenger-Friendly Features

The train will feature a modular pantry, sensor-based intercommunication doors, automatic exterior passenger doors, and even hot water showers in the 1st AC coach. It also includes accommodations for differently-abled passengers, a spacious luggage room, and onboard Wi-Fi infotainment.

Safety and Convenience

Safety features encompass remotely operated fire barrier doors, smoke and fire detection systems, and a centralized coach monitoring system. The train’s design ensures a jerk-free ride with semi-permanent couplers, and it is crash-worthy.

Aerodynamic Exterior

The Vande Bharat sleeper train boasts an aerodynamic exterior with a nose cone, resembling bullet trains. It is equipped with a driving cabin at each end, similar to the Vande Bharat Express.

Anti-Collision System

For enhanced safety, the train includes the indigenously developed KAVACH anti-train collision system. Initial plans involve the manufacture of 10 Vande Bharat sleeper trains by BEML for Indian Railways, with propulsion systems supplied by ICF.

In summary, the Vande Bharat sleeper train project is set to revolutionize premium passenger travel, offering a blend of speed, luxury, and safety for long-distance journeys across India’s rail network.