Bizarre news about sixty-year-old snake laying eggs make Drew Barrymore’s talk show viral

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Drew Barrymore’s weird joke about a sixty-year-old snake who laid eggs without coming in contact with a male snake goes viral as netizens continue to react to the actress’ bizarre joke in her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. The particular segment has been trending on twitter since its premiere.

The show also features a virtual hologram of her long time friend and colleague, Cameroon Diaz. The specific segment shows Barrymore talking about news from his desk. In strange news, Barrymore said that a sixty-two-year-old snake had laid eggs without coming into any male contact over the last two decades. She was also quick to add that the snake, who might be sixty or sixteen, might have sneaked out for “some fun”.

Forty-five-year-old Drew Barrymore debuted as a talk show host on the Drew Barrymore Show that premiered on Monday, 14th September 2020. Incidentally, popular film Charlie’s angel stars Barrymore, Cameroon Diaz and Lucy Liu had reunited in the show too, to the excitement of the fans of the film.

The show, however, was not very well received by the audience. After the snake eggs conversation started doing the rounds all over social media, the netizens reacted to it in different ways. While most people were only astonished, many have been appalled by the strangeness of the segment in particular, and the talk show in general. There has been no reaction from Drew Barrymore regarding the unintended social media reaction of her show.