Cholesterol level Do’s and Don’ts

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A cholesterol level of 100 mg/dL is good for both men and women. How to control the levels? Here are some facts to make you understand the importance of maintaining cholesterol levels:

Taking proper medication also helps in reducing any existing cholesterol that is in excess.

With unpredictability and many eating disorders that prove to have harmful effects on our bodies each day, we need to be diligent about our eating habits and exercise habits. With working from home as an only option, people do not have an excuse to continue their usual fitness regimen.

We need to take care of our bodies and health in the best possible way. Higher cholesterol levels may lead to a cause for cardiovascular blocks and ailments. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is sourced from our liver.

Cholesterol can be both good and bad. Bad cholesterol deposits in our bloodstream causing blocks and other problems to organs, tissues, and other muscular and nervous systems. The total level of cholesterol should not be more than 199 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). 130-159 mg/dL is marginal and above 160 mg/dL is termed as high cholesterol.

Here are some measures you can take:

  • Lower the rate of consumption of saturated fiber and intake more dietary fiber.
  • Avoid sugars and refined food; Avoid dairy.
  • Mediterranean diet is said to be good for the heart, eat plenty of fruits and lean protein.
  • Good exercise is essential for a good fitness regime.
  • Cutting smoking and drinking habits can reduce the effects of cholesterol and other health hazards.