Appointment of Harvey Weinstein canceled

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Harvey Weinstein, who is recognized as a disgraced Hollywood producer and infamously a convicted rapist, is due to be deprived of the royal honor in Britain this week. The honor was decided to be given to him for his outstanding performance and recognition of the mark he made in the UK film industry.

The US court has convicted Harvey Weinstein of rape and sentenced to 23 years in jail at the beginning of the year. If reports are to be believed, he will lose his honorific CBE this Friday in a meeting of the Honours Forfeiture Committee for bringing in bad name to the system.

In 2017, he faced accusations from dozens of women, which resulted at the end of his career and increased the #MeToo movement’s rage. The #MeToo movement was a worldwide agitation movement that demanded that strong men must be held responsible for their sexual assault.

George Freeman, who is the former Tory Minister, has clearly said that this moment is used to convey a strong warning that this kind of conduct can no longer be condoned or accepted in this world. Honors could be effectively lost if an individual is deemed to have placed the system into the risk of losing reputation.

Criteria may require a holder who has been imprisoned for 3 months or more or has been taken by a specialist body.