Make Jammu & Kashmir a knowledge and innovation hub by implementing NEP

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Strategically effective measures need to be implemented to make J&K a hub of knowledge, innovation, and learning. This can be done by executing the New Education Policy (NEP) in letter and spirit. President Ram Nath Kovind expressed his desire on Sunday.

He believes J&K has intelligent, talented, and innovative children. By implementing the NEP, India will have students with ignited minds.

By giving examples of Kalhana’s Rajtarangini and the Mahayana Buddhism, President opined that India’s cultural history would be incomplete without remembering them.

India has an amazing demographic dividend, but it could only be realized when the youth of the nation become skilled, professionally competent, and educated in the real sense. He also gave a couple of examples to support his speech.

President said that our tradition and rich cultural heritage could only be encouraged when we learn them in our mother tongue. The NEP encourages the use of the mother tongue by sticking to the cultural ethos of our country.

The government approved the New Education Policy in July and, therefore, replaced the existing National Education Policy created in 1986. The NEP aims to create ‘transformational reforms’ in schools and higher education institutions, thereby leading India to become a global knowledge superpower.

The New Education Policy has a unique three-language formula that can prove to be extremely important in the coming time. It promotes multilingualism along with national unity. Moreover, the NEP won’t impose any language on any state or union territory.