Private schools pine over Karnataka’s take on the reopening date.

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Private schools of Bengaluru are not so satisfied with the Karnataka government’s decision of not letting students come on campus for doubt-clarification sessions from Monday.

Under Unlock 4.0, the ministry of home affairs had allowed students of classes 9-12 to get together with teachers on campus and also had said to be preparing an SOP for the same. But the ministry decided to cancel this allowance on this Saturday till the end of September or until further notice.

While many city schools conducting online classes are negative to resume operations on Monday, the Karnataka Associated Managements of Schools (KAMS) implied that many of their member institutions were ready to open schools.

Sashi Kumar D, general secretary of KAMS, stated his opinion that “There is clear discrimination between government and private schools…” The last-minute order to disallow students on campus has resulted in a financial loss for schools, he said. He also added, “We have spent thousands of rupees in getting ready for the partial reopening by sanitising the schools and asking parents to give consent letters.”

” We had spent nearly 90,000 for purchasing thermal scanners and automatic sanitisers with sensors for every floor. They might be helpful in the future, but not now. Teachers and students are disappointed,” BR Supreet, Oxford School, Nagarbhavi, expressed her concern.

Schools had asked many of its teachers who had already started looking for alternate employment to join in back just to be told that there wouldn’t be any offline classes until further notice.