Vivek Oberoi’s brother in law, accused of involvement in the Sandalwood Drug Case.

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The Kannada film industry is recently in the limelight due to drug scandals, and many show stars’ names came out for active association with drug consumption and dealing with drugs as well. A look notice has been issued against Aditya Alva by the central crime branch police lately for active association with the drug scandal.

Aditya Alva is the son of late minister Jeevaraj Alva and the brother in law of Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi. He, as well as a Film producer of the Kannada film industry, have been accused of being involved in the Sandalwood Drug scandals. Both of them are under the strict supervision of police forces and are not allowed to leave the county until further notice is given to them.

The CCB recently raided Aditya Alva’s residency in North Bengaluru since he is the accused number 6 of the drug scandal case and film producer Shiva Prakash is the number one accused. Three individuals were arrested lately who were actively supplying drugs to the filmstars of the Kannada film industry.

Filmmaker and journalist Indrajit Lankesh was called by CCB for giving a statement on this case, and he exposed that at least 15 individuals are there from the industry who are still actively involved in drug consumption and selling as well.

Actresses Ragini Dwivedi, as well as Sanjjanaa Galrani were also accused of being actively associated with the Sandalwood drug scandal. Ragini Dwivedi and Sanjjanaa Galrani were arrested on 4th September by the CCB police and were kept in judicial custody in Parappana Agrahara central prison.