Remembering Nicole Kidman’s speech from the 2017 Emmy Awards.

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Nicole Kidman in 2017 won an Emmy award for her role in Big Little Lies, where she played a role of a domestic abuse survivor and her winning speech was the highlight of the entire event, which everyone remembers still now. She said that it was not always about acting and entertaining; sometimes, it is about portraying characters and talking about things in order to generate awareness.

Her winning speech put light on the requirement of speaking up against the wrong deeds happening to domestic violence victims. Her speech inspired many and also made a point that actors are not only entertainers; they have a better and bigger role to play in society and in the industry. They have the responsibility and the power to shed light on issues that are harming our society so that people stop it and get the courage to speak against it as well.

Nicole Kidman, in her speech, thanked her family, who made many sacrifices to support her growth and become successful and also took time to talk about domestic violence. She said that it is more common in our society but not so much acknowledged, and it is never late to speak up against evil. And it is our responsibility to help out anybody who is a victim of domestic violence, unseeing the happenings around us is never a good thing to do.

The speech was so beautiful and important that even after three years, people remember it.