Mistry family’s exit from Tata Sons falling heavy on TCS.

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Tata consultancy services, which are the Tata groups main possession might find it difficult in the upcoming days to sustain after the Mistry family took the decision of stepping down from Tata Sons. Tata Sons offered a price for 18.4% of the stake in Tata Sons contributed by the Pallonji Mistry family.

But it did not satisfy the Mistry family, and they demanded INR 1.78 Lakh crore fulfil Mistry’s expectations from the company. People are suspecting that Tata Group is probably planning to sell shares of Tata Consultancy Services in order to procure the money needed to provide Mistry family to fulfil their monetary demands.

Tata Sons carry 72% shares in TCS which is approximately Rs 6.67 lakh crore, but yesterday TCS shares settled at 2.2% rates which is even lower around Rs 2467.15 on the BSE. Tata group in their affidavit in Supreme court did not disclose matters on how they are going to arrange the money they need to pay to the Mistry family. This lack of transparency in their decisions led people to think that they are probably going to sell their shares of TCS.

Tata Consultancy Services is one of the most well-performing companies under the Tata group. The profits it brings into the Tata group is of immense amount, hence selling shares of such a profitable wing and well functioning company can be a problematic decision for the Tata group. It can also lead to loss of jobs as well and standing in today’s condition nobody really wants to lose their job.