Rhea discloses about Sushant’s toxic relationship with his sisters in her bail plea

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Rhea Chakraborty after being arrested for the possession of 59gms of ganja in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case went for her bail plea today where she exposed about Sushant’s and his sister’s toxic relationship which is not yet questioned by the police.

She said that Sushant was doubtful about his sisters’ intentions towards him. He knew that his sisters were never worried about his mental health or for his general well being instead, they were only interested in him for his money.

Rhea was blamed by Sushant’s family from the beginning for conspiring Sushant’s suicide and also for overdosing him with drugs. Rhea is arrested and is kept in Byculla jail.

On the statement of Times of India Rhea’s lawyer stated from her bail application “Sushant had been routinely contacting his family to inform them about his bouts of depression and other issues, but Sushant’s family members did not seem overly concerned regarding the same. Ultimately in the third week of November 2019, his three sisters came to Mumbai and informed him that they would be taking him to Chandigarh for further treatment. The Applicant (Rhea Chakraborty) did not interfere with their decision and was, in fact, relieved to see his family members finally take some interest in his well being and health. However, on 26th November 2019, Sushant called the Applicant and informed that he would not be travelling to Chandigarh with his sisters as he doubted their motives and felt that they were merely after his money. That very same night, all three sisters left Sushant along at the peak of his depression.”