Apple Inc. opened its online store in India on Wednesday, is there a physical Apple store in India in the way?

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Apple Inc., one of the biggest tech giants in the world, opened its first online store for the Indian consumer base, opening the windows for Indians to shop with them directly. This has also led to the fanning of anticipation of India getting its first Apple store.  However, that might not be the case anytime sooner and Indian consumers will have to rely on the online store or its dealerships and distributers. However, the online Apple Store will make available some of its products that are not available to customers through a third party hence increasing the pool of products for them to choose from.

But is opening an online store enough to increase business within the country for the tech giants? Specialists are divided in their opinions regarding the question. The market share for smartphones of Apple Inc is less than 2 % in the country and the percentage only includes the more affordable models of the company like iPhone SE (2020), iPhone XR and iPhone 11. Apple, however, accounted for 48 % of all smartphones in plus 500 dollars price range to be shipped in the June quarter according to IDC. Apple Corporation believes that while it might make Apple products easily available to the buyers in the country, it is just not enough to make a bigger difference instantly.

According to tech-experts, although some buyers might prefer to buy Apple products directly from the online store due to more options, the third party dealers in the country will still play a huge role for the brand.