Five districts in Bengaluru have less than 1,000 active Covid-19 cases

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Though Bengaluru is dealing with active Covid-19 cases, an October 4 report says that less than five districts in the state have 1,000 active cases. Bidar has a recovery rate of 90% with 482 active cases, the lowest among the states. It is followed by Kodagu at 609 cases, Gadag 651 cases with the highest recovery rate at 91%, then Ramanagara at 905 cases, and Bagalkot at 939 cases.

Health commissioner Pankaj Kumar Pandey said that this is a result of both low Covid testing ratio and successful prevention of the virus. The district health officer of Bidar, Dr. VG Reddy said that the district had witnessed a higher number of cases in May and June while many workers migrated from Maharashtra and Telengana, but it gradually decreased post-lockdown. Now, the districts conduct 800-900 tests per day, but only 70-80 people turn positive.