Rahul Gandhi joins the farmer’s protest in Punjab, Haryana

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After the passing of the Agricultural Bills 2020, the government has faced outrage regarding the abolishment of mandis and the uncertainty regarding the Minimum Support Price. The Congress MP Rahul Gandhi also joined the protests against the farm laws in Haryana to support the Indian farmers and their demands.

Rahul Gandhi remarked that the absence of mandis will result in more unemployment as the farm bills mention the selling of farmer’s produce outside the state-regulated mandis. The opposition parties showcase their concern about the workers in mandis who will lose their job if mandis are closed.

Gandhi’s campaign named “Khetri Bachao Yatra” hit the streets with a tractor rally from many farmers’ organizations. This campaign was also stopped by the police in Haryana stating that conditional permission was granted for the Congress’ leader’s rally where not more than 100 people were allowed to gather in the protest. Rahul Gandhi is yet to address key rallies in other districts in Haryana.