Mukesh Ambani says Jio will help India to lead the fourth industrial revolution

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The richest man in Asia, Mukesh Ambani who is the head of India’s most valuable company, Reliance Industries Limited said that Jio, the telecom and digital unit of the group will help India to come in the forefront to lead the fourth industrial revolution. The billionaire industrialist said that the current advanced digital and physical technologies, such as AI, robotics, affordable smart devices, and high-speed internet would give India a chance to catch-up with the leaders after it missed most of the first three industrial revolutions.

India missed the first two industrial revolution as well as the changes that came with it. Thereafter, India joined the race in information technology that garnered prominence in the third industrial revolution but was left behind by the leaders.

Jio only took 3 years to build a 4G network, while the Indian telecom industry spent 25 years building the 2G network. According to Ambani, Jio was conceived to provide foundational requirements with its high telecom services and widespread adoption of data to bring Indian telecom to the forefront.