Calling American business for Investment

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Shri Piyush Goyal who is the Union Trade & Industry as well as Railways Minister has welcomed American companies to be aware of the PM’s vision and see India with their next economic hub. Discussing the Indian Chamber in Commerce, the US Conference on Global Financial and Investment Governance on Wednesday, he also said that the Indian govt. is committed to boldness, transparency and change. He urged people to work together in a mood of peace.  Also asking people to engage with one another, and being confident we have a promising future for the mutual welfare of the citizens of the USA and India.

He has said that the capacity between the US and India is limitless. We are allies who value one another, and we will make fast progress in providing a credible outlet for American corporations to operate with an open country where there has been a rule-based exchange and discussion. Bilateral trade among the USA and India rose from 126 billion dollars in the year of 2017 to 145 billion dollars in the year 2019.

Commerce as well as Industry Minister Piyush Goyal today insisted on American companies to see India as their upcoming investment country. Trying to attract American stakeholders, Piyush Goyal stated India is aiming at the Logistical Reforms to cut logistics costs and to introduce many tax changes in addition to a single-window structure that makes it easier for corporations and businesses to operate in India.

Goyal also said the friendship between the US and India will expand from good to great in the generations to follow, and that both the countries are at the brink of a very lasting relationship. He stated that the US and India have a long road ahead of us operating together to exploit the tremendous reform steps that Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi has undertaken under Aatmanirbhar Bharat.