Boost in R&D under the Coal Ministry

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A portal has been launched by the Ministry of Coal for the promotion of Research and Development initiatives by the Ministry to bring in the institutions for research and development related work in the sector of coal. The portal has been launched by Shri Anil Jain while the 56th meeting for Standing Scientific Research Committee from the Ministry. The link for the same is The website has been planned and carried out by the Research and development wing of the Coal India as well as CMPDI.

The website widely shows guidance for the execution of coal research projects of various formats, so that everyone can properly apply suggestions. It even has records and results of finished projects and current research projects to ensure transparency and prevent the repetitive aspect of projects. It displays photos, videos including news clippings relating to the coal as well as lignite field and various studies are also accessible online.

Coal being India’s most essential and plentiful fossil fuel. It contributes 55% of that same country’s electricity needs. The manufacturing history of the nation was based on native coal.

Industrial primary energy use in India has risen by around 700 per cent over the past 4 decades.

India’s present per capita industrial primary energy demand is around 350 kg every year, which is way below that of developing countries.

Powered by a growing population, an evolving economy, as well as a search for a better standard of living, energy consumption in India, is projected to increase.

Because of the restricted reserve capacity of oil including natural gas, the environmental-conservation constraint of the hydel plan as well as the geopolitical understanding of nuclear power, coal would continue to dominate the central place of country’s energy scene.

Coal would keep providing India with a large portion of electricity needs for at minimum the next few millennia. Reliable statistics on the quantity, location and nature of coal supplies and supplies must be made accessible to satisfy energy requirements. It’s also very essential for India to obtain its coal activities in an efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly way. A renewed emphasis on federal funding for coal-related studies, organised through departments and also with the active involvement of states and industry, is a central factor of both of these standards.

The Ministry of Coal has always encouraged and recognised Research and development under its sector. So, the launch of this website marks the beginning of a new era for the Ministry of Coal.