Important to follow COVID restrictions in the upcoming festivals

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India has the largest number of COVID-19 recovery times in even more than 62 Lakh cases. The relevant cases have also stayed beyond 9 lakhs for the 5th consecutive day and are still decreasing. There is a strong pattern of decrease in the total weekly levels of positivity. Currently, the country’s total combined positivity rate is 8.07 per cent, while the weekly positivity rate is 6.24 per cent, while the routine positivity rate is 5.16 per cent. This was reported by Shri Rajesh Bhushan, who is the Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, during a media briefing today at the New Media Center in New Delhi mostly on behaviour, plans and developments provided on COVID-19.

Shri Bhushan also stated that there’s been a steady decrease in average daily cases reported throughout the last 5 weeks. The weekly estimate of daily new cases decreased from 92,830 cases in the second week of September to 70,114 cases in the second week of October.

The weekly average of regular new cases decreased from 92,830 cases in the second week of September to 70,114 cases in the second week of October. Currently, there are 8,38,729 active cases in the world. In comparison, there is a substantial rise in COVID-19 research and, but on the other side, there is a steady reduction in the concentration of positivity. On average, 11 lakh 36 thousand experiments are carried out on a regular basis.

The Health Secretary further claimed that 14 countries and UTs in the region had a higher test rate per million and a lower positive rate than the national average. Shri Bhushan said, “While the rate of positivity is decreasing, it is very important to retain the high number and standard of research.” Although 86.78 per cent of patients have now recovered, 11.69 per cent of patients are either under intensive medical care or insulation at home and 1.53 per cent have succumbed to the infection.

With the chill weather around, NITI Aayog cautioned that the peak intensity of Covid-19 is imminent across the world. Dr V.K. Paul, member (health) and leader of the National Covid-19 Task Force, warned Tuesday throughout a press conference that India would see more storm of Covid-19 incidents.

But the death rate will be even smaller, as our medical system is now able to fight, he said. “Bearing in mind the nature of the respiratory virus and the significant increase in cases in Europe as well as the USA, we can assume that there is an increase in cases of Covid-19,” said Dr Paul.

“The propensity of the respiratory virus has been that it flourishes in the winters. Because SARS-Cov-2 is a contagious virus, we believe that its infectivity will rise during the winters. The analysis of disease outbreaks showed that cases have risen during the colder phases, rather than in the earlier phases,” he clarified.