Responding to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, the government releases data showing GDP more than Bangladesh in PPP terms

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Bashing the claims of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, the government sources said on Wednesday that India’s GDP was 11 times more than that of Bangladesh in purchasing parity terms (PPP) last year.

Recently, Gandhi took to his Twitter and posted slamming the BJP government calling it a “hate-filled cultural nationalism” and pointed out that Bangladesh is to overtake India. However, the government did not take it well and published the GDP record of the country which showed higher growth than Bangladesh despite having eight times more population than that of Bangladesh, ruling out Rahul Gandhi’s claims.

Government sources also added that the report stating that Bangladesh would overtake India is a temporary effect and in 2021, India will again take a higher position reversing the current claims due to the higher growth rates in dollar terms which will be posted by New Delhi.