UN report says that Indian spends 3.5% of their daily income on food, lot more than New Yorkers

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The United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP) released a report on last Friday that showed on an average an Indians spend 3.5% of their daily income on food while New Yorkers spend only 0.6% on a plate of food. India stands on the 28th position in the list published by the organisation that features 36 countries across the world.

The list was based on the percentage of money that people would spend on a plate of food compared to their income. South Sudan tops the list where people would spend 186% on average of their daily salary to procure basic ingredients.

The report claimed that this study brings in front the difference between the developing and other prosperous countries where huge inequalities play a key role. The report also claimed that climate change and conflict have affected people’s livelihood and their ability to afford food.