Enhancing Opportunities and Strengthening Bonds: PM Modi’s Key Announcements During France Visit

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PM Modi’s visit to France brings extended post-study visas for Indian students, strengthens digital infrastructure collaboration, and showcases joint efforts in archaeological missions, fostering educational opportunities and deeper ties between India and France.

Extended Post-Study Visa for Indian Students

Prime Minister Modi’s announcement of a five-year long-term post-study visa for Indian students pursuing a master’s degree in France brings a significant boost to their career prospects. The extension from the previous two-year work visa showcases the commitment of both countries to fostering educational and cultural exchanges. This move aims to encourage more Indian students to pursue higher education in France, enabling them to gain valuable international exposure and contribute to the growing bilateral relations between the two nations.

Strengthening Digital Infrastructure

PM Modi highlighted the collaboration between India and France in the digital realm. One notable development is the agreement for the use of India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in France. This agreement allows Indian tourists visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower to make payments in Indian Rupees through UPI. This technological integration not only facilitates seamless transactions but also symbolizes the deepening digital cooperation between the two countries. It serves as a testament to the ever-growing technological advancements and innovation in India.

Cultural Exchange through Archaeological Missions

The Prime Minister emphasized the longstanding collaboration between India and France in archaeological missions. This collaboration, which has expanded from Chandigarh to Ladakh, signifies the shared commitment to preserving and understanding cultural heritage. By working together in archaeological endeavors, India and France are not only strengthening their historical ties but also fostering a deeper appreciation for their rich cultural legacies.

Summing it up

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France strengthens educational opportunities and bilateral relations through the extension of post-study visas and the integration of India’s UPI in France’s payment systems. The collaboration in archaeological missions showcases a shared commitment to cultural preservation, fostering a promising future of advancements in education, technology, and culture.