Indians now represent over 10% of US visa applicants with one million non-immigrant visas processed in 2023

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The US Embassy in India has reported a significant surge in visa applications, with a 20% increase compared to pre-Covid 2019 and 2022. Indians accounted for more than one in ten visa applications globally.

Milestone: One Millionth Visa

US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti personally presented the one millionth visa to a couple planning to attend their son’s graduation at MIT in the United States. Dr. Ranju Singh and her husband, Puneet Dargan, received this prestigious recognition.

Ambassador’s Enthusiasm

Ambassador Garcetti, fondly addressing the couple as “Mr. and Mrs. One Million,” expressed his joy and praised the collaborative efforts to expedite visa processing. He attributed the achievement to streamlined processes, increased resources, and strengthened partnerships between the two countries.

Growing Bilateral Ties

Garcetti highlighted the significance of the US-India partnership, emphasizing the strong ties between their people. He reiterated the commitment to continue processing a high volume of visa applications to facilitate travel between the two nations.

Exceeding Previous Years

The US mission in India has already surpassed the total number of visa applications processed in 2022 and is currently handling nearly 20% more applications than in 2019, before the pandemic.

Personal Account of the One Millionth Visa Recipients

Dr. Singh shared her excitement upon receiving the email notification that her visa application was the one millionth. She expressed gratitude for the warm welcome from Ambassador Garcetti. The couple, traveling to the US for their son’s MIT graduation, eagerly anticipates exploring the country as tourists.

Growing Demand and US Investment

The US Embassy acknowledged the growing demand for US visas from Indian applicants. To meet this demand, the US continues to invest significantly in its operations in India, including expanded staffing, facility improvements, and efficiency measures. The mission plans to introduce a pilot program for domestic visa renewals for qualified employment visa applicants in the near future.

Impressive Visitor Statistics

In 2022, over 1.2 million Indians visited the United States, highlighting the strong ties between the two countries. Indians represent a significant portion of visa applicants worldwide, particularly in categories such as student visas and employment visas.

Continued Commitment

The US Embassy’s commitment to facilitating travel between India and the United States remains unwavering, reflecting the importance of this bilateral relationship.