Corruption Allegations Shake Karnataka Politics

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Image Source: The Economic Times

Corruption allegations have taken center stage in Karnataka politics, reminiscent of the Congress’s ‘40% corruption campaign’ that brought them to power in the past.

BJP Targets Congress Government

The Karnataka BJP seized the recent income-tax raids to target the Congress-led government, accusing it of corruption. The Congress proposed auditing infrastructure projects in Bengaluru completed during the BJP’s tenure before approving payments to contractors. However, the BJP claims a 60% commission is being sought.

Protests and Allegations

The BJP initiated a two-day protest across Karnataka, alleging corrupt practices within the Congress government. They called for the resignation of the CM and deputy CM, emphasizing the 60% commission allegations. Liquor merchants alleged a 300% commission for licenses, further fueling the controversy.

Congress’s Defense and Counterclaims

The Congress government denies corruption allegations and has proposed an audit of previous projects to ensure transparency. Deputy CM Shivakumar vehemently denies asking for commissions. The BJP accuses the Congress of collecting funds to support their party.

Impact on Elections

The accusations against the Congress government have implications for the upcoming elections. The BJP is raising awareness about the alleged corruption, while the Congress attempts to defend its position.

Allegations and Counter-Allegations

Corruption allegations in Karnataka politics are not new. The Congress accuses the BJP of accepting a 40% commission during its tenure, while the BJP alleges a 60% commission under the current government. Both parties have written to the Governor, seeking intervention.

IT Raids and Seized Funds

The income-tax department conducted raids on government contractors, finding significant evidence of alleged corruption. BJP leaders claim these funds are part of illegal election funding for the Congress. They demand a comprehensive CBI investigation.

Former Chief Ministers Involved

Contractors have sought assistance from former Chief Ministers Yediyurappa and Bommai from the BJP, as many bills remain unpaid for over two years. The allegations made by former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy in August set the stage for the ongoing controversy.