India 2023: Triumphs & Trends Powered by Google

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In the year 2023, India witnessed a myriad of significant moments and trends, as revealed by Google’s Year in Search report. The nation’s collective curiosity and interests unfolded across various domains, which is summarized in this blog.

National Pride Moments

A historic milestone was achieved with the successful mission of Chandrayaan-3, capturing attention both locally and globally. India’s pivotal role in the economic world stage during its G20 presidency prompted widespread curiosity. Search queries reflected a keen interest in staying informed about local events such as the Karnataka Elections Results and the Uniform Civil Code. Global occurrences, including Israel News and the Turkey Earthquake, also drew significant attention.

Self-Care and Technology How-Tos

Reflecting a growing emphasis on self-care, top searches included inquiries about preventing sun damage for skin and hair through home remedies. Users sought information on various aspects of self-care, such as finding gyms, beauty parlors, dermatologists, and tips on gaining followers on YouTube.

Cricket Dominance

Cricket continued to be a national passion, reaching new heights with high searches for the Cricket World Cup and India vs Australia matches. The Indian National Cricket team achieved global recognition, ranking as the top trending cricket team worldwide. Individual cricketers like Shubman Gill and Rachin Ravindra emerged as top trending athletes both locally and globally.

Diverse Sports Interests

While cricket remained dominant, there was a noticeable surge in interest in diverse sports. The inaugural Women’s Premier League and the Women’s Cricket World Cup garnered significant attention. Users explored other sports with queries like ‘How to get good at Kabaddi’ and ‘How to become a chess grandmaster,’ showcasing a broader sports landscape.

Global Recognition for Indian Entertainment

Indian entertainment made waves globally, with films like Jawan, Gadar 2, and Pathaan capturing international attention. The song Kesariya secured the second spot in global searches for hummed tunes. Actor Kiara Advani led the trending People list in India and found a place among the top trending global actors.

Memes and Entertainment

Local OTT content emerged as a dominant force, with shows like Farzi, Asur, and Rana Naidu securing top ranks. Memes played a crucial role in self-expression, with mentions of popular memes like ‘Bhupendra Jogi’ and ‘So Beautiful So Elegant,’ the latter turning Jasmeen Kaur into an internet sensation.

Travel Trends

Southeast Asia, including destinations like Vietnam, Indonesia (Bali), and Thailand, emerged as popular international travel choices. Simultaneously, interest in local trips to destinations such as Goa, Kashmir, Coorg, and the Andaman and Nicobar islands remained strong.

Culinary Explorations

Food enthusiasts demonstrated their love for local and regional cuisines, as searches for recipes of Mango pickle, Panchamrit, Karanji, Thiruvathirau Kali, Ugadi Pachadi, Kolukattai, and Rava Ladoo trended, showcasing a rich tapestry of culinary exploration.

Like Spotify wrapped, this is our Google search wrap for 2023.