The ingenious solution for stubble burning offered

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This Wednesday, Minister Gopal Rai addressed to the farmers, that the government is in connection with the Pusa agricultural institute, which is trying to produce compost fertilizing agents out of the stubble in order to avoid the burning of the stubbles without any cost. The compost will mostly be available in the form of capsules that have to be mixed and dissolved in the water and sprayed over the stubbles to decompose them.

Mr Rai, on the press note addressed that this process of decomposing the stubbles out of the field will be available to the farmers around the state and the expense of the whole procedure will be carried out by the Delhi government. Mr. Rai addressed the press that he is also in connection with other states around Delhi in order to formulate the module if the results are fruitful.

He further stated that the Environment ministry is constantly taking initiatives to formulate and postulate this model of decomposition which can reduce the expenses of machine buying and other subsidiary things. On the positive part of the note he further added that the Ministry of Environment is trying to discuss the objectives of this matter with the chief minister to avail the model to the farmers soon.