A step towards a safer Cyber Space

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Cybersecurity is the process of protecting computers, servers and other appliances connected to a network from being hacked by potential cybercriminals for illegal exploitation.

The Union government has come forward with the National Cyber Security Strategy 2020 to protect and ensure people’s safety. Mr. Ajit Doval, National Security Adviser, in the process of making his keynote address at c0c0n, mentioned that the strategy involved all the cyber-security agencies for securing, strengthening and bringing synergy between all the cyber-security ecosystems by the association of citizens, businesses and other such agencies.

The conference may be a two-day international event on hacking and cyber-security organized jointly by the Kerala police, the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace and therefore the Information Security and Research Association..

During the pandemic, there were cases of spread of fake news and information, which caused panic and stress in people’s minds. He also said that the targets were banks, defence and other infrastructural concerns. Data was vulnerable and critical, needed protection more than ever.

Harmful domains and websites at the level of five thousand were created in a brief period. Mr. Doval also brought to concern how several eminent UPI IDs and web portals were modelled while fake Arogya Setu apps came up to exploit people’s data just after some time the Prime Minister announced the beginning of the PM Cares fund.

Mr. Doval highlighted the concerns raised by the data-sharing apps and requested start-ups to develop solutions to curb such issues. He mentioned that the Information Technology sector’s progress focusing on research and development has paved the way for the creation of intellectual properties and made Indian products compete globally.