Joaquin Phoenix agrees on signing a $50 million contract for two Joker sequels.

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Recently Joaquin Phoenix was persuaded to sign a $50 million worth contract to do two joker sequels of this famous 2019 movie Joker. 2019’s Joker movie was a blockbuster and won the hearts of millions of fans all over the world with his mesmerizing acting in the movie. The film got Joaquin Phoenix Academy Awards and also got nominated under 11 categories in the 2020 Oscars as well.

The movie made by Todd Philips was an extraordinary production by both him and Joaquin Phoenix as well. It is also the one and only R rated movie that earned $1 billion worlds wide as well. The sequels will be two in number and will be one of Joaquin Phoenix’s biggest paycheck. Joaquin Phoenix, in his interview with Los Angeles Times, said that long before he and Philips planned for the sequels. And he himself is extremely eager to start shooting for the movies.

Joker was an unexpected blockbuster because Joaquin Phoenix gave it some other element with his acting. The movie’s story would never do wonders alone without the acting skills of Joaquin Phoenix. Joker won millions of hearts, and Joaquin Phoenix is quite certain that the sequels will bring the same amount of positive reactions only. Director Todd Philips and producer Bradley Cooper also believe in the magic that Phoenix creates onscreen; that’s why they can never think of letting anybody else play this character. They believe Phoenix is undoubtedly the perfect match for the character to give it the life and element it requires in order to make this movie a blockbuster over and over again.