The India-Japan relations to include more Asia-Pacific Countries

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External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar stated that the world is multi-polar and should include a multi-polar Asia. During a virtual conference regarding the India-Japan relationship, the Minister said that other countries in the Asiatic region should be included in maintaining relations. To quote, the Minister stated that it was a very westernized world.

It was the G7 meet, and now it has emerged to become the G20 meet. Two Asian Economies are said to level-up every two decades. Whatever applies to the world must apply to the Asian countries as well. This statement is made in congruence with India and Japan’s agreement to maintain multi-polar relations.

The tension is arising due to the India-China issue with the Line of Actual Control, where the Chinese wish to establish control over the South Asian areas. The country is tackling Military as well as diplomatic pressure from China. The issue had been prolonging with a significant loss to both the countries. The tension is growing day by day.

The ties between Japan and India had opened new doors to make new ties with other Asian countries. The External Affairs minister stressed the point to create relations with other developing economies and make sure that all the economies benefit from these ties.

There is an idea of the inclusion of Russian far east borders of China that can be helpful to Japan. The External Affairs Minister also quoted that he is willing to join hands for projects from far east Russian borders of China.