Beauty of Harmonica and beatboxing fusion- netizens make a new musician go viral on social media

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Akanksha Shetty from Bangalore makes the netizens groove to her beats through her soulful musical rendition using harmonica and her beatboxing skills. One might come across a lot of rising talents on social media that provides a platform for artists from different parts of the world who depend on these platforms to reach a larger audience. Akanksha Shetty is a recent addition to this group with her outstanding skills.

Akanksha added a video of her playing the harmonica coupled with her beatboxing on Instagram reels. The caption to the video read, “ Its harmonica and beatboxing at a go PS- I bought the harmonica yesterday.”

The video, posted on September 8, secured 2.4 lakh likes and a considerable number of appreciative comments. She created a unique blend of music using harmonica and beatboxing which is nothing like videos one would come across regularly. While playing and creating this music, she made it look easy.

One of the many comments on her posted video read, “You made a song just using one instrument. This is called talent”. Another comment from an Instagram user read, “Wow. You make it look so easy”, while yet a third person commented, “You nailed it”.

The video has been shared and re-shared, going viral within a few days. The video has also surfaced on other social media platforms, shared by other users and has received appreciation everywhere. This outlines a good side of social media- its strength can make an artist reach the person’s target audience with a matter of hours.