Know how your sleep posture is influencing your skin

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Your skin is very much influenced by the way you sleep, and if you have been seeing major issues with your skin like breakouts, rashes, acne, discolouration, then it can be due to your sleeping posture only.

We all have our favourite sleeping positions, but very few of us are aware of the fact that there is only one sleeping posture, which not only enhances our skin but also helps in keeping our body away from backaches and other pains.

There are many people who prefer sleeping sideways on their pillows. This is not a favourable position because the pillowcase often catches dirt and dandruff from our hair, and while we are sleeping with our face touching the pillowcase, these dirt materials get into our pores and infect our skin. In return, we get pimples, breakouts, rashes and whatnot.

Another posture that affects our skin is when we sleep on our stomach. This clogs your skin because your face is tightly buried in your pillow. Clogging your pores will enhance your blackheads and whiteheads’ growth. Als34o, it is a major reason behind getting the wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

The best posture is to sleep on your back because this puts zero amount of pressure on your face and lets your skin repair itself during the night time as well, hence no breakouts, no infection or clogging of your skin. Other than that, this also helps in managing back pain or body aches happening due to sleeping postures.