The 6th Corps Commander-level talks

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A meeting has been scheduled between the Indian army commander and the Chinese army commander to discuss the LAC stand-off that both countries have locked in eastern Ladakh. The meeting that was scheduled to be held on Monday would be joined by the Joint Secretary of East Asia in MEW, Naveen Srivastava.

This meeting marks the first one post 2nd August, of the senior commanders Lieutenant General Harinder Singh as well as Major General Liu Lin. They will also be joined by two majors general, Abhijeet Bapat along with Param Shekhawat, including the chief of the ITBP.

The session, as per the sources, would be an occasion to review roles and conditions from then on as well as to start the first effective measures to disengagement.

The meeting was initially suggested on 17th September by Chinese officials.  That being said, the Indian officials, however, didn’t find it appropriate, who said they are ready to meet and discuss after September 20th.

Three significant changes have taken place since the previous meeting — the Indian Army overturned its initial operational drawbacks vis-à-vis the Chinese stance upon this northern side and southern side banks of that same Pangong Tso through controlling some critical thresholds on the vital ridges.

The first occasion of shooting between both sides has been recorded on 7th September.

The Indian and Chinese delegations discussed Moscow on 10th September and reached a five-point agreement on disengagement. India has stressed that full disengagement will be a necessary condition for conflict prevention.

A mechanism of disengagement is supposed to begin after the discussion, however, only if there seems to be any degree of compromise between both parties.

The purpose of MEA ‘s participation at the negotiations is to hold the negotiations inside the political boundaries of the alliance and the wider definition of the borders between both sides.