Know why Twitch banned WishYouLuckk

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WishYouLuckk recently twitted from his account that Twitch suspended his account for a week showing an official mail sent to him from Twitch, which elaborately explains the reason why they banned him. The reason for the suspension provided by Twitch is “sharing and threatening to share a person’s private information.”

WishYouLuckk is one of the most well-known Twitch streamers who gets successful results in more than one game. He is a steady winner of survival games like Destiny 2, Apex legends and Fornite. After his suspension from Twitch, fans are extremely disappointed and eagerly waiting for his return on Twitch as well. Later on, Sam, aka WishYouLuckk, revealed why he had to do something like this where he threatened to expose the Twitch user’s personal information. In the tweet, he said that this user was repeatedly bullying him for this physical appearance and saying mean things to him. Being agitated, he said that he would expose the bully’s face on the site.

However, Twitch seemed uninterested with all the explanations given by WishYouLuckk. They said that they stand by their guidelines, and if any streamer violates the guidelines, he or she will have to pay for that. WishYouLuckk, on the other hand, questioned Twitch’s policies and asked why aren’t they concerned about the streamer’s mental health as well. Social media makes it easier for people to say mean and rude things, and in such situations, Twitch is unable to take care of these issues.