This show of Sportmanship will put you in tears!

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Good sportsmanship goes beyond the game, and one athlete is winning hearts for allowing his competitor to cross the goal first during a race.

Spanish triathlete Diego Méntriga stopped just before the finish line when he noticed that his competitor took a wrong turn within the ultimate stretch of Santander Triathlon in Barcelona, Spain.

When British athlete James Teagle mistook the direction within the race’s last stretch, Méntriga got the likelihood to overtake him. A video of the race shows Teagle running into a fence but 100 metres from the race’s tip. As Méntriga overtakes him, Teagle throws his hands go in exasperation.

While running, Méntriga looks back to grasp his opponent’s error and stops just before the finish line. The two players shake their hands as Méntriga allows Teagle to pass him.