Youth for the fight of COVID- Need of the Hour

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Shri Kiren Rijiju who is the Union Minister of Youth and Sports represented India at just the Y20 Global Summit on 15th day of October 2020 aimed at sharing ideas and discussions between nations to inspire young people around the world.

Shri Rijiju took part in a panel discussion on the Post Covid Prospects for Youth and was accompanied by Senator Matteo Renzi, who is the former Prime Minister of Italy, Dr Flavio Siniscalchi, who is the Head of the Department of Youth Policy and Universal Civil Service, Chair of the Council of Ministers (Italy), H.E. Alvin Tan, who is the Minister of State, Ministry of Environment, Culture and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry. The receiving country at this year’s Y20 summit being Saudi Arabia.

Talking at the summit, ShriRijiju emphasised the need to galvanise young people to face the threats raised by the global Covid 19 Pandemic.


Shri Rijiju often stressed the need for self-reliance in the post-Covid world, a strategy that was implemented in India under the leadership of the PM.

Over the past six months, the planet has encountered several difficulties and the scale of the destruction has been immense. Yet now is the moment for us to think forwards and revitalise themselves. It is necessary to retain a positive attitude. In India, large economic incentives are being launched so that young people could become Aatmanirbhar as well as start taking care of their livelihood needs.

It is therefore really necessary to be physically and also mentally competent during this period. The Fit India Movement, that is being promulgated throughout the world as envisaged by our Prime Minister, that is now becoming a People’s Movement, has served as a fantastic means of keeping our people mentally active and physically safe.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]