Women of the Indian Airforce chose to fly the Rafale warship aircrafts

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Two Women of the Indian Airforce chose to fly the brand new Rafale fighter aircrafts on the high seas that have the ability to deliver nuclear weapons. The IAF has short-listed 10 women pilots who will be flying the lethal aircrafts at Ambala base camp.

On the other hand, the Indian Navy is ready to deploy two women officers, Kumudini Tyagi and Riti Singh, who would operate the multirole aircrafts from the front-line warships. This step will make sure to maintain gender equality in the 15 lakh plus armed force strength in the country. They are also conducting  a special board this month to grant permanent commission to women officers, however, they will still not be allowed in the main fighting infantry. IAF has however, allowed women to fly men and resources as a part of military troupe, which makes them an indispensable part of the basic foundation of the military forces.

In 2016, IAF had enlisted 010 women to fly the fighter aircrafts. Fight lieutenant Avani Chaturvedi created history by being the first to fly a solo sortie in a MiG-21 Bison in 2018. Flying the Rafale with its better and new technology will be easier than the more demanding Mig-21.

The officers set to fly Rafale aircrafts are to undergo “conversion training” with the “Golden Arrows Squadron at Ambala. The names of the officers have not been revealed yet due to security considerations under certain military formalities. They will be allowed to fly the Rafale only after they become completely at ease in flying the MiG-21.