Full Steam Ahead! Mumbai-Surat Ranee Express Blazes Through Tracks at Lightning Speed After Turbocharged Upgrade!

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The Flying Ranee Express, a 117-year-old train connecting Surat and Mumbai, has been an important mode of transport for traders and passengers over the years. Recently, the train underwent a significant upgrade, marking a new chapter in its long history.

The Upgrade: Transition to LHB Rake and Increased Speed

In a bid to enhance efficiency and performance, the conventional rake of the Flying Ranee Express has been replaced with the modern LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) rake. This transformation enables the train to achieve higher speeds, increasing its previous limit of 140 km/h to 160 km/h. The use of stainless steel for exteriors and aluminum for interiors ensures improved durability and aesthetics.

Historical Significance and Revival of the Flying Ranee Express

Launched in 1906 during the pre-independence era, the Flying Ranee Express played a vital role in connecting Surat’s textile industry with Mumbai’s financial hub. Although its services faced interruptions during World War II, the train was relaunched in 1950. Throughout its long history, it has served as an important link between the two cities, facilitating trade and travel.

Enhanced Passenger Comfort and Safety

The upgraded Flying Ranee Express offers enhanced passenger comfort and safety. The train now consists of 21 coaches, including AC Chair Car, reserved and unreserved Second Class Seating, and General Second Class coaches. The use of modern materials and improved design ensures increased passenger-carrying capacity and a more comfortable journey for travelers.

The Flying Ranee Express Enters a New Era

With its recent upgrade, the Flying Ranee Express embarks on a new era of faster and more comfortable travel. The transition to LHB rake and the increased speed of 160 km/h bring the train in line with modern transportation standards. As it continues to serve as a vital connection between Surat and Mumbai, the Flying Ranee Express maintains its historical significance while embracing the advancements of the present day.