Would You believe an Indian man’s skipping record set in mere 30 seconds on roller skates?

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Instagram usually comes up as the platform to showcase the talent of millions. The same proof we see on clicking the play button of Zorawar Singh’s video again and again since it had been uploaded 14 years ago.

Zorawar Singh is of 21 from India. He was the discus thrower in high school that he left after the severe injury. He came into the domain of skipping to maintain his fitness. Then, after competing in the jump rope world championship, it was his goal too to set the Guinness World Record.

Hence, he took training for a week for 4 hours per day to secure an achievement.

And now, Zorawar Singh is the Indian who has performed 147 skips in 30 seconds even while wearing roller skates. He has been awarded the Guinness World Record winner title. The record has been set in the Guinness World Records 2021, and Guinness World Records shared a video on its official Instagram account itself.

The video is quite entertaining and surprising. The performance has been amazing. People that get clear with the data of increasing views, likes, and praising lists on social media handles comprised comments like- “ I can’t even stand on one leg”, “ Woahhh! Focus level 1000. Awesome”, and some wishes from teammates.